Hello everyone!

First of all, hello all you bloggers out there!

Life has sooo many surprises for us, which we don’t even see coming, that it’s hard just to get by… everyone is merely an actor on life’s stage :)

It was finally time for me to check this out too, and to be honest, at first it didn’t seem like a big deal, yet it’s gonna be nice to post what troubles me, what I’m happy about, etc.

… you’ll find here a glimpse of what matters to me and what makes my heart beat a little faster… also mostly questions and my conclusions about life in general… and like the song says, keep in mind that -> Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans! A very big event in my life made me start this blog, hope you like it, have questions, and comment :)

It’s nice to be here, hope to have a great time too :)

Kisses, Estrella Azul

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3 Comments to “Hello everyone!”

  1. hi Estrella!
    I just signed in as well
    so welcome :D


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