Doctors: nice or fake?

How is it possible that a doctor can take blood tests, send you to radiology, plus push your stomach in many ways, etc. and tell you that you don’t have anything wrong with your health, even though your stomach hurts like crazy for 2 weeks?
Well it happened to me, and the outcome wasn’t that pretty… after 2 more weeks my stomach perforated 2 times, and I nearly died… so much for the doctor caring for patients and always acting in their best interest… :((

Ok, it was because of stress, I know that, tell you in my next entry, but still: doctors are supposed to be there for you! It makes me sick (literally) how they don’t care that your life is in their hands…

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5 Responses to “Doctors: nice or fake?”

  1. bad doctors are everywhere, you’ll never get rid of them. but we really should’ve gone back and get the name and scare her a bit!

  2. Yes, but in Romania it’s really bad… I wish I would’ve gotten her name and tell her I’ll sue her just for a scare cause my life as I knew it without any worries for my health is over :((

  3. all my sympathy… hate doctors also!


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