Kid again… ? :)

I’d like to be a kid again… I remember a lot of good things from my childhood, a lot of people who thought me to be a good person.

When I was little, they told me to share my toys with the other kids, that it’s nice to give even without expecting anything in return. All these people made me a happy child, without too many worries, who dealt much better with the divorce of his parents than other kids did. I learned to play, to like nice things, and not to judge people by how they dressed but by what was in their soul (back then this was put simply as : beyond the sometimes worn out clothes).

I’d like to be a kid again, so that I can play again as happily as I did then, so I can run free in the rain and not be considered a loon, be happy for a good mark at school (although… maybe the school part could be left out :P but then I probably wouldn’t meet my other half…). I wouldn’t have to worry so much, because other people would worry for and take care of me, so I could dream of things that don’t necessarily have to happen, to fall in love again with my kindergarten mate who by this day doesn’t have a clue that I had a crush on him :), so I can have pony tails with big big ribbons and wouldn’t be teased by people around me that I’m acting like a baby…

I’d just like to be a kid again, just for a while, with all the good and care-free parts! Honestly… Wouldn’t you?


6 Comments to “Kid again… ? :)”

  1. I’m only 15, and yet I feel like that all the time…It was so much fun being a kid.
    I still pretty much act like a little kid whenever I hang out with my best friend, but the both of us get “the look” from everyone around us…

  2. Don’t pay attention to anyone, what you feel like and how you wanna act is the best for you :)

  3. kids don’t have problems. don’t have worries. the more you grow up, and the more you have responsabilities, things to care of, and a lot of other things. if someone had a ruff childhood, than nothing can do anything about it because that is the most important thing in your life. if that gets affected your all life gets affected, memories haunt you forever.
    but yes, it was great to be a kid :)

  4. I know, I hope I will be able to provide a very happy childhood to my kids someday :)

  5. I think everyone liked being a kid, no pressure :))

  6. I very happy reading your blog post. Knowing that I’m not the only one wanting to be a kid again, everything was so much more simple way back when :)

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