The importance of a pice of paper

” True genius comes from what’s in your heart, not from what a piece of paper hanging on the wall tells you… The people who love you the most tell you this every day. “

I heard this in a movie, “A class of his own” it’s called. It’s about a guy who quit school, and ended up as school custodian and it’s a shock but he loves his job. It’s the best thing that happened to him, he likes the students there and the students love him, they are best friends. The school somehow finds out he doesn’t have a diploma, and tell him to get the GED or he’ll lose his job. He then manages to learn a lot, with the help of his wife, teacher friends and his student friends and their parents too, everyone helps as they can. Finally he gets his job back even if he doesn’t pass the tests, because the parents sent a looooooooooot of letters to the administration, school board, etc everywhere where it could hepl, and it does! In the end, he goes one last time, just for him, and he passes :)

I don’t know if you liked the story, as a movie it’s better then how I told it :P And getting back to the quotation from the beginning… I think it’s nice, and specially very very true! When we meet with someone and get into a conversation, and begin to know him, we don’t need him to have a college diploma. Because a diploma doesn’t make anyone a better person, there is no guarantee that a genius or anyone with high education won’t hurt you, make a fool out of you, that he’ll respect, care for you,love you or anything like this… it’s as simple as the quote said :)

I know nobody reads this, but what do you think about the quote my dear imaginary readers? :P


4 Comments to “The importance of a pice of paper”

  1. I agree, it’s so true!

    When you first meet someone, you’re not interested in their qualifications, you’re interested in them as a person.

    ” True genius comes from what’s in your heart…”
    If I met someone with a heap of degrees/diplomas who was a real snob, and I met someone who was more of an average person but really nice & tons of fun….I know who I’d rather be friends with…

  2. Yes, that was my point too :)

  3. yes i agree too! the movie was great and the meaning of it even greater.

  4. I know, it’s a great movie and contains that valuable lesson!

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