There are a looot of sad things in life. Some people don’t even want to live, and a lot have to make BIG sacrifices even to manage survival with a lot of struggling, struggling… oh and did I mention struggling? It’s not fair, and this is when we can realize, that there are things that are important like: health… maybe even the most important, cause without health, you can’t do anything :(

And what about when you don’t have your health any more either? When you have to watch out for EVERYTHING? I’m not even gonna give examples… look up the meaning of “everything” in the dictionary and keep in mind that that’s the exact meaning I used the word with.


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  3. i know it’s bad. i can’t really imagine but i know that it’s bad… i’m here 4 u anyway :*

  4. Until you’re in this position no one can imagine… and it hurts so much more when I see how it didn’t affect the idiot who was the reason…

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