Worries and guys

A lot of guys try to give the impression that they’re calm and cool, that they can handle the pressure, that they think worrying is for wimps. And the sad part is, the women in their lives sometimes buy this act, or even encourage it. Heck, if he isn’t worried, they can feel calmer, too, right? Maybe you buy the act because the only time you see emotion in your man is when he’s watching the first round of March Madness, and his bracket is about to go down in flames.

Or maybe it’s because the only time you’ve seen him sweat was when he had to wear a suit to an August wedding. Or maybe it’s because the last time you asked him, “Aren’t you worried?” he responded with a dismissive, “Nah.” While men pretend that they’re wired with steel cable, not nerves, they have their shakedown moments, too. Some of the biggest worries that can weigh on a guy’s mind: That He’s Going to Lose His Hair, He’s Going Broke, He’ll Have One Cheeseburger Too Many, He’ll be Called Out in Public, etc. there are many more of course, but these are good examples :P

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2 Comments to “Worries and guys”

  1. men are really really worried, more times than you women can imagine. well, not every man, but most of them. i am worried too, about a lot things many times, even tough i don’t like to show it all the time, i am! :D

  2. Just let me know if I can help you when you feel down…

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