Shoes: great looking, but nightmare?

Ask most men how many shoes their wife, girlfriend, or sister has and the answer is: “too many.” I can’t speak for everyone with large shoe collections, but I can tell you why I have too many shoes. They each hurt my feet in slightly different ways – ways that are impossible to predict at the time of purchase.

Some of my shoes pinch my toes, others cause blisters under the straps, still others cause blisters on the bottom of my feet, toes or heels. Some of them are comfortable for short distances but begin to hurt after 5 blocks. I’ve tried to purchase shoes from the major “comfortable brands,” but without consistent success in avoiding self-injury. I feel like I can never wear cute shoes again! How do celebrities do it?

I just need to find that perfect pair of shoes – ones that look good with suits and shorts and I can walk for long distances in, and don’t give me blisters. Am I asking for too much?


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8 Comments to “Shoes: great looking, but nightmare?”

  1. I recommend Zara… ( it seems to me that on spoaller’s blog you wrote in romanian, or it was just a mistake? ) :)

  2. Thanks for your recomandation, I’ll try :)
    Yes, there I wrote in romanian since it’s a romanian page.
    I just love english very very much, that’s why my blog is in english :)

  3. girls have to put up with so much dressing, and shoe problems…:) i am sorry for you girls..:)

  4. :P thanks in the name of all girls for your input :) you’re very nice to feel for us… but it can happen to guys too, but not that often :P

  5. No, I’d say that it’s not asking too much. Girls should at least feel comfortable while looking pretty. But celebrities work really hard to get their image. That’s why they are celebrities because they don’t mind wearing killer heels, just for fame. wait, probably not.


  6. :)) you’re right Farina! I totally agree :D


  8. Fun post :)

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