When friendships end…

Good friends are soul mates with whom we can laugh, cry and share secrets. When you’re together — no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last seen each other — you never run out of important things to say. So when these relationships unexpectedly get off track or even break, the resulting hurt can run deep…
The sudden loss of a close friend can be as painful as breaking up with a romantic partner, especially if you are the one who was left behind. A friend of mine is struggling with something like this, so I thought I’d write a few words on the subject. Here it goes :)

Most friendships that break up do so because of external issues such as one person moving far away or one friend getting married and having children, while the other remains single. Their lifestyles differ, and they may not have that much in common anymore.
Accepting that all friendships, even good ones, might not last a lifetime should make healing easier. But the important thing is to stay focused and try to do something about it, if you really feel friendship for that person you fought with.
However, if you’re losing one friend after another, you need to take a look in the mirror: Step back and determine whether you’re choosing the wrong women as friends or repeating a mistake that’s causing these relationships to break.

Thought of a few ideas how you can save your friendship(s):

Make time to communicate with friends –
A phone call, letter, email or instant message (IM) can keep you connected. Get together regularly if you can.
Give it time –
Sometimes, all a failed relationship needs is time for two friends to gain perspective on a blowup or disagreement they had. With the passage of time, one or both may decide that the issue itself was relatively unimportant in the scheme of things compared to the significance of the friendship.
Own up to your shortcomings, and be ready to apologize –
Friendship is not a matter of pride and keeping appearances. Don’t throw away a friendship over silly disagreements that will have no significance in the future.

Hope I helped anyone :)


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  1. when friendships end, it really sux, and it sux eaven more when you invested in that friendship, and that “friend” just profited from it or didn’t really give a s**t. i’ve been trough it a few times and it’s really bad:(

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