Another fight…

I know that wasn't your intention... but it will take a whole lot more to defeat me! You have my word on that!

Another fight, another almost sleepless night, another start all over… It’s actually tiring in a looot of ways. But at least this time it didn’t end with another surgery, and thank God for that!

It was more than enough the first time around, but it happened again :( Promises were broken, and the apology never came. And it won’t… not from the person who did the most harm in my life anyway…

As I began: another fight, and I’m straight back at home, after exactly one year of living together with my Sweetheart… We love it so much together, I thought it was a fairy tale, my life finally made sense with my Sweetheart by my side every night when we went to sleep… And we couldn’t even have a nice day to celebrate. I won’t bore you with details, I don’t even want to remember them, but they will affect the rest of my life just like the surgery is. The important thing is, that it wasn’t a fight with my boyfriend… no, it was with his brother (take a look at my Stress :( post if you wanna find out what kind of person he is). I hate people who don’t care about anything!!!

So here I am, here we are… separated by an idiot, who unfotunately has more say in it than my boyfriend does, just because he’s mental (honestly he is… othervise no one starts to throw out your stuff, and jump to hit you as he did… and he got me too) :( I didn’t fit in his plans, it wasn’t enough that I almost died last time because of him…

Now he got what he wanted: I won’t speak to him ever again, and I won’t ever move under one roof with him, not even by accident!

And… who knows me, also knows I’m dead serious when I say: he will get what he deserves… even if not from me. God is up there and he saw everything! That idiot won’t get away with this unpunished!

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