Fights and respect…

It’s been a few weeks since it all happened… and it still gets to me worse than I expected :( But I’m trying to make the most of it… And I can just hope I’ll get past this too…

A fight is, as the dictionary tells us, is an intense verbal dispute. When you have it with someone, it’s usually a sing you two don’t get along…obviously :P

But what is it called, when you do everything in your power to please someone, to be their mate, even if not a close one, but you try and make them happy, make them care for you… but let’s not even say “care”, let’s stick to: respect you. How in the world can you earn someone’s respect?

Respect for someone is the acknowledgment that: that person has value; the showing of thoughtfullness and consideration; you refrain from intruding upon or interfering with; you respect their privacy… And wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was known by everyone? If the people around you noticed all the things you have done for them, and at least for that they’d respect you?

No… that would be too simple… it would mean that they’d have to care about someone else besides themself, and that would be too much for them. I really feel sorry for those in question, cause even if in the present it’s working out for them,  and they think this is the best way of living their life… well as it’s not: they’ll find that out later on.

And when they do, it’s gonna be way too late… too late to change, too late for apologies…


2 Comments to “Fights and respect…”

  1. Thanks for your comment, you’re right, very very few people believe in respect these days. It’s sad really… :( I was raised to respect others even if I don’t necessarily like them, cause in the end, it’s not that big of deal to be nice to someone.
    But yes… in time everything will be ok I hope :) at least with my Sweetheart everything is very well, and that’s the most important!

    PS: sadly the fight did have a small (but enough for a lifetime) physical part too…

  2. Ok, I’m waiting ’till it heals… but nothing will make me forget it… :(
    just help me through it… :*

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