Time for relaxation too :)

Caught up with work, kids, husband, pets, house chores (whichever of the combinations is yours), you can find yourself lost in it, and don’t have time for YOU, to relax… That can’t be true: you don’t have time for yourself, only if you let it happen.

If you always put others ahead, you have other priorities, you just accumulate pressure and frustrations. So If you want to find your balance, you just need to sort out your priorities, and learn to say no. Select from the requests you recieve only what really is important and don’t consider yourself obbliged to make everyone happy, and especially don’t think you’re selfish for taking some time off just for you.

If you don’t learn to think about yourself, you will never have that much needed time to relax too.

(This is an article for a friend :) you know I’m right! So do it!!! :*) And I guess I should sometimes follow my advice too… :P

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2 Comments to “Time for relaxation too :)”

  1. yes, it’s true, but you really should follow your OWN advice…:)

  2. I know… but it doesn’t really work out…

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