The melody of our words…

diddles_92I don’t like hypocrisy! And those kind of people who tell you one thing in your face and a totally different thing when you turn around. I prefer those who tell me the truth even if it’s unpleasant. I think it’s far better to know what the reality is, than to fool myself unnecessarily and wake up later when it hits me on the head :)

Sympathy and antipathy modify social behavior. I’ve drawn on myself a few peoples antipathy, hostility and anger, just because I always told them what I thought, my opposite feelings, the truth… I guess it’s true what my mother tells me: melody makes a song beautiful. Applied in this case, I mean that I don’t always find the right melody in which to say what bothers me, what I dislike. So there are times when I’m misunderstood because of this…

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not a repulsive person, I just need to work on that melody :) The people who really know me, like this “charm” of mine, they always know where they stand with me, and they are actually grateful that I don’t talk behind their backs like sooo many people do :)

I think straight up is the best way of talking to others and living, so you can always know where you stand, and it includes less worrying too :P


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  1. Even when you have no reason to be too :P
    Kisses :*

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