When do you two become “US”?

hands-heartsYou are no longer a couple, you are the one, you share one life and don’t divide it any longer in two. You don’t use the word “I” anymore, there’s only “We”. You belong to him and have no doubts that he belongs to you. So two become one…

When everything suddenly goes right, and all the problems seem so small that you don’t even have to think now, since now you don’t have to worry about a thing at all. When you are ready to give up all your life for him and you’re quite sure that he’ll never ask for that, because he’s ready to do the same. When you don’t have to talk to understand each other, and when one starts a phrase the other finishes it. When you can talk about everything in the world and tell each other all the secrets you’ve ever had.

When it’s never better to sleep apart, but when you sleep in one bed it’s so difficult to fall asleep at all. When you’re together you don’t let go each others hands not for a second. When you start acting and thinking very similar, and suddenly find out that you both copy each other even in intonations :)

When you look at the world around not only with yours but with his eyes at the same time, when you note around everything that could be interesting or useful for him. When you tell one another the smallest impressions and can always count on total understanding. When you see your future only with him and see no future without him. When you suddenly and fully understand the meaning of the word “family”.

When you’d rather stay alone than go anywhere without him but nobody expects you to come alone anywhere at all. When every moment is the right moment to call him, and when you feel the time he’s going to call you. When you are apart the letters from each other come just on time, when you most expect them to come. When you look at him the look in your eyes change, and in your turn you are sure that he won’t ever look at anybody with those eyes he’s looking at you.

When you both have one past, share the same memories and built together the plans for your future, when you are rewriting all the plans you had before he came so they could suit him too. When you learn all his weak points to avoid pressing on them. When you are beside him you never and nowhere feel out of place.

When you want to go around the world together and at the same time settle down somewhere, build a house, grow a garden and bring up kids together. And you will be making that house a home, keeping it warm, clean, nice so that he would always feel comfortable there.

When you want to take care of him all the time and always feel that care from his side. When you want to support and help him and do everything, even impossible things only to keep him happy. When you both start doing things you’ve never done before and when you quit doing some things that you’ve been used to. When you can let yourself be weak, but he will always make you strong.

When you both become better day after day because you want to be the best for each other. When everything you’re doing seems right to him and when everything he’s doing seems right to you. When you want every single day to last forever. When you are never alone even if he’s not around.

How can one make this fairytale last forever? Is it possible at all? How not to loose such a great love, not to let it fade away among the worries of everyday life? These are the questions on which I don’t really have an answer… but I’m ready to work very hard in order to make the best of it, make him/us happy and feel loved all the time!


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  1. I believe you… but then I’m waiting for a comment, when you will be, k? :)
    Cause I’ve seen your writing… and I really like the way you think :) (not just about love, in general)

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