A wish…

Today I’m kind of sad and insecure… Just a bad day, but what I’m about to write down, is something that I think of, and what makes me sad almost every day. I know it’s early for this… but I’d like to express my Christmas wish from now…

Even though my Sweetheart and I have been through 3 Christmases already, sadly none of them was what I would have liked… I’d liked it if we would have spent more time together. Christmas is the only holiday I like (I don’t even like my own birthday…) and it would mean a lot to me to have my sweetheart with me on the 24th.

The first year, it was kind of okay, cause we were only together for a few days, but I was still missing him. The next year he promised to spend 24th with me, but he called me in the morning when he was supposed to be at my place already and he cancelled… That was our biggest fight :( And last year, we were living together, and I finally thought okay, this time we get to spend more time together, decorate our christmas tree, exchange gifts and then part and go with our families. But that wasn’t my lucky year eighter… his mother was sick, she came home from Hungary, and that wouldn’t have been a problem, cause she was staying in the other room, but she somehow managed to get an infection, even though I warned her to be cautious and look out for herself,  and since I’m kind of a germophobic, I had to come home, and only went back on the 28th of december… So you can tell that the 24th of december was as terrible as in the last years :(

So this is my wish: all I want is to be with him on the 24th… Why is that too much to ask for? Why is it that it can’t happen? Why can’t he make it happen? :( It’s his decision…


One Comment to “A wish…”

  1. Yeah… like this is ever gonna happen… :(
    (you guessed right, this is my pessimistic side talking right now)

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