The North Star

northstarI found this fable during a book search, and read it in a heartbeat. It’s catching, and even if it’s written for kids… The North Star is not just for children – but for the children in all of us!

It tells us about the journey all of us must make through life, and the fearful yet joyful moment when we first make our life’s pathway truly our own. It may sound silly, but I kept smiling at myself, and nodding… confirming and celebrating the person I am and the unique life I’ve lead with it’s good and bad parts, and it made me believe that with few changes, it is the kind of life I want to continue leading.

Life’s journey is not a solo adventure. Much learning and sharing goes on during it. There are many ways you can express your own philosophies, dreams, ideas, goals and missions in your life’s journey as you discover those of others.  Life is so short and so special. We can’t afford to waste a moment! There really are so many beautiful things in our lives – we just need to take the time to recognize them.

“There are also plenty of adults who find their education has landed them a good distance away from what they feel they were meant to do in life. It’s gratifying to see how the book touches and inspires the folks who feel lost. Getting people to believe in their dreams is no easy task.” – Peter Reynolds, the author of The North Star

The North Star

Dedicated to all the parents and teachers of the world and to those who were brave enough to follow their dreams.

A sweet breeze met the boy as he awoke to his journey. He traveled on all fours for quite some time….
And he grew.  And he paused.

One day he had the urge to stand… to walk. It made his journey easier.

He was soon inspired to learn how to run. But for the most part he walked.

He wasn’t afraid of much. He wandered the fields exploring, sometimes stopping.
Sometimes going happily in circles… Sometimes dancing… Sometimes napping.

One day the boy saw an oak leaf drift and land on the water.
He was curious how the leaf managed to float… the way the stars seemed to float in the night sky.

A spray of sand interrupted his thoughts.
“Where are you going in such a hurry?”
But the rabbit shot out of sight, disappearing into a path the boy had never noticed before.

He left the floating leaf and wandered toward the path… and there he saw a cat. The cat purrrred gently. The boy asked…
“Where did the rabbit go in such a hurry?”
“She was in a rush to start her journey. It’s time for you to start your journey too.” The cat purrrred deeply.

The boy answered.

“Oh, but I HAVE been on a journey! I’ve seen many wonderful things. Some I understand and some I don’t… like how that leaf floats on the water…”

“Well, that’s fascinating, but I’d hate for you to be late. You don’t want to be left behind.”

“Behind? Who’s ahead of me?”

“You wouldn’t believe how many! You know, you’re not the only one on this journey. Plenty ahead of you. Lots to follow.”

The boy began walking down the path. It stretched out far ahead of him.

Signs kept pointing him along the way. Some parts of the journey were easy… and some were very difficult.
Although he was following the well-worn path, he had a growing feeling that he was lost. The forest seemed to be growing thicker and the soil was wet and muddy.
Clouds had rolled in overhead making everything dark. He rested… and noticed an oak leaf drift from the sky. It sailed with ease. It swirled on a breeze and was carried deep into the forest… it disappeared behind a grove of trees.

The boy found the leaf floating on a pond in a peaceful clearing. It looked like a delicate boat on a dreamy voyage. His gaze was interrupted by a voice… The cat found him.

“Oh there you are! I was worried! Don’t wander off like that. Now hurry. You’re falling behind.”

The boy ran… and ran… and ran… and as he ran he noticed the forest getting darker and thicker. The muddy ground became covered with water. He could no longer see a clear path. He sloshed through the swamp the best he could. Until he came to a clearing in the forest.
There he saw… a bird.
The boy marveled at the bird’s brilliant feathers. He remembered how he had once seen a feather floating near his beach.

“You look lost,” the bird sighed.

“I don’t think so. I mean I’m not sure if I’m lost. I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Hadn’t thought about it? You must have some idea of where you are going, yes?”

“Well…I’ve been following the path. It seems like many people have taken it before me… …and there have been many signs along the way… And a very helpful cat guided me back to the path when I tried to wander.”

The crickets fell silent as the bird asked…
“But where is it that you want to be?”

“I’m not sure. But I know that THIS is not the place I want to be. I guess I AM lost.”

“Ask yourself where it is you want to go and then follow the signs you already know…”

“What signs? Where are they? Come back! Where are you going?” The boy was upset that the bird had flown away into the cloudy sky.
He stared skyward trying to see where the bird had gone. And as he did the clouds seemed to melt… revealing the inky black sky… and there above him… was a star.
A very bright star.

He stared at the star and felt a whisper in his ear, a pang in his heart, a tingling in his spine.
He could hear the star. The voice sounded so familiar.

He began to go in the direction of the star. Many other stars soon appeared in the dark velvet sky. All the stars stretched out above him, guiding him like a great map as he navigated out of the swamp. Suddenly… he heard a cry. It was coming from the center of the deep river running into the swamp. It was the rabbit who had been in such a hurry. She looked hungry and very tired.

The boy waded out but realized the river was too deep. The rabbit was trapped. He saw an oak leaf drift by. It gave him an idea. He built a boat for the rabbit.

The boy smiled having helped the rabbit on her own journey. He looked up and noticed that the star had become even brighter. He followed the star and as he did the muddy ground grew drier… then grassy… then soft and sandy.

Finally he came to a rest atop a dune and there below him was a beach… and a boat. He gazed out into the ocean and saw the star.

The star glowed patiently reminding him that it was still a long journey ahead, but it was his own journey, his very own wonderful journey.

The Beginning…


2 Comments to “The North Star”

  1. yes, this “journey” is really great for children, but heart touching for grownups. as we grow up more and more, we realize that many stories tell us about life, the ups and downs, and the journey itself, hidden in the childs language.

  2. Yes, almost every fairy tale has it’s own particular life story, life advice to put it this way, we only have to pay a bit more attention to it when we read it (to kids, etc.) :)

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