Worth it? …

They say a good man is worth being loved. But than why do people all the time fall for wrong men and women? Moral qualities of a person of course mean a lot, but when we love one we usually can’t define and give a name to that something special in that person that makes us feel this way.

Love is an irrational feeling, we can never predict who will be the next and moreover say if her or she will be finally be worth it. Everything would be very nice and simple if we could count all the minuses and the pluses than compare the results and in case there are more minuses say “no, I’m not interested”. We all like and in the end love the people who differ, who are personalities, who have that sparkle in them. And it’s sad, but good people are sometimes very dull and boring in communication exactly because they do everything right, they never cross any lines.

If you want people, both men and women, to love you – start training your skills in communication. Be pleasant, nice, easy-going, but not too obstructive, learn to be a good listener, because both women and men would prefer speaking of themselves than listening about all your nice features and talents. Work on your sense of humor, being slightly ironical is always very attractive. Try to get rid of the stereotypes and to be democratical in your points of view.

Don’t judge too strictly the defaults and weak points of other people – remember you have your ones. If you really want to attract a person and maybe even try to make him or her fall in love – you shouldn’t criticize your object even if you know that the person is very tolerant to critics. Compliments will do better. Be attentive and helpful. Be good or try to act nice when you’re out to dinner or wherever. Never tell all at once about yourself. Be a little bit mysterious but not too mystificating. And look after yourself because first we see an appearance and only than personality.

There are some tricks that may help attract the interest of your object. Some say that every man and every woman has his/her vision of an ideal partner, so you just have to find out what it is and act in order to correspond to it. For example a business lady would appeal to an ambitious and successful man, a home man needs a child-woman to care about, a bored man searching for new experience would like a lively girl with a good sense of humor and etc.

More universal variants of behavior is to be different, to leave your object each time a little bit surprised, one day to look in the eyes and the other to ignore. This simple trick works but mostly to increase interest which already exists. In case when one doesn’t define you from the environment sometimes it’s better to give it before it gets any deeper.
Playing games even an actor by nature can’t do it forever, so one day the real you will show up and that may be a great surprise for the person that is in love that another you. So staying yourself in any situation is the most reliable way to be. Remember that worth being loved is only that person that loves him/herself. People care about people who care about them self. And the most wrong thing one can do is to convince him/herself that he/she is not worth anyone’s love. To attract people you  have to be shining, optimistic and which is very important –> self-confident.

And when you find someone who is worth it… don’t ever let them go :)


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  1. I know I won’t ever let go!

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