New Year’s Eve: just 4 US :)

It’s not even December yet… hack, it wasn’t even November yet eighter when I was first asked this year of what I’ll be doing, where I’m going, and who with, on New Year’s Eve. The answer was: well nothing much…

I don’t know where people’s obsession with going away comes from, or the urge to go and party with total strangers, drink so much that the following day they can’t even remember where they are and who with… Like a friend of mine said, nowadays it’s not important that people don’t even have enough money to do these things, they borrow, steal, sell a kidney just to be able to copy what everyone else is doing. And in my opinion… it’s kind of sad, isn’t it?
Also another person said that he can’t understand people who stay at home instead of partying, and that everyone should go somewhere so when they have kids, they can tell them that they lived life 100% and not that: “Well my child, I stayed at home and felt sorry for myself…”
Honestly I can’t understand people who think like this. Why do they think that just because someone doesn’t have the means to go away or go party, they stay at home and feel sorry for them self?

It’s not like I don’t wish I could go on a few days trip with my Sweetheart and spend New year’s Eve in a cozy cabana somewhere, with a lot of snow around, and great sights… It’s just that for now, it’s not possible.
But even if it was, and when it will be… we’d probably go alone, just the two of us!

My Sweetheart and I stayed at home for the last few years, we spent a very nice time together, and had more fun than we could’ve had in any other place. It’s our decision, and this is how we like it.
And basically, at least on New Year’s Eve, we can be together with no interruptions, no families that need us around just for the fun of it, no one to come home in the middle of the night and start shouting, etc.
We can cuddle up and just talk about anything… what we’d like to achieve the following year, make resolutions, talk about our goals, our dreams, all the things we will be able to do, and those we’re not sure about yet… Not that we couldn’t do this another time, but it is in fact the beginning of a new year.

To us, it’s a very special night, and it only comes once a year. A night when we can leave all our worries behind and just look ahead, even if it’s just for that one night.
It’s a holiday, but we don’t get material presents on it, it’s the beginning of something new and exciting, a new and fresh start, or simply just the continuance of your old life, with a great new feel to it.

It’s one of my favorite nights besides Christmas :)

3 Comments to “New Year’s Eve: just 4 US :)”

  1. 4 us, this works very well, we don’t disagree about it, both of us are happy with the plan :)
    Maybe when we’ll be able to live together and after we see too much of each other we’ll change it, but for now (since on other holidays we are separated by our families…) this is the best solution :)

  2. yes, i love to be with you on new years eve! i am not saying that it’s bad to be or not be besides your friends, but i like it too this way. and we can change it anytime we want to… :)

  3. Exactly, it’s not a written rule, it’s just how we like it best for now :)
    When we feel like doing something else, we will, nothing’s holding us back :)

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