Preparations for Christmas :)

All the preparations for Christmas have began mostly everywhere already, and it’s safe to say, that this is my favorite time of the year!
It’s a joy, and it provides me with such a great feeling to walk on the streets and see all the shop windows nicely decorated (they also start playing Christmas songs), the parks and open spaces in the city, and even houses, their windows, etc.

I like to avoid the rush right before Christmas when everyone spends their spare time shopping for gifts, so I already bought all the presents early. It’s for the best, this way I have enough time to purchase them, to think about what I’ll buy, and I won’t have the nasty surprise of not finding what I want. Also, I don’t get to waste my time standing in an endless line to the cash register, when I could be doing something useful at home, cause you all know: there are a looot to be done, and even I can’t afford to slack off :P

In our homes, we start the big pre-christmas cleaning, when we move around everything, wash all the drapes, curtains, carpets, dust even behind every painting, get rid of all the spider webs everywhere, etc. and decorate the rooms as beautiful as we can.
My mom and I were ready with this cleaning in 4 days, but that’s good, cause we didn’t exhaust ourself, we took our time, and it payed off: the house is very clean!
Christmas decorating traditions and decorations are mostly passed on from generation to generation like in most families.However, every year, new decorations are purchased to replace the old ones, or just because we liked them too much to leave in the shops. This happened a lot this year, and I feel that it will keep happening, they are just sooo beautiful!

I used my floral artist skills this year too and started crafting: I made Christmas tabel decorations, window ornaments, wreaths, etc. and than I went on to decorating while I was listening to Christmas songs. Not that I’m not modest, but I have to say: all my decorations look great, and make the house more beautiful :) Can’t wait until I can decorate the Christmas tree too :D

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  1. :) I love Christmas so much, and all these things too, I can see this post attracted the most readers :P Very happy others like Christmas so much too :)

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