My-Mood Videos

I love music and sing almost all the time (I was in the church choir  for a very long time, and my school’s choir for the 4 years attended there), so I thought about having some songs on my blog too.
I called the page
My-Mood Videos, because songs capture different feelings and moods we all feel every day, we associate the sound of music with those feelings, thoughts, emotions and past experiences. And it also gives me the opportunity to share with you some of the songs I like. (I try to find the best quality of any video, but it doesn’t always work out… so don’t hold it against me)
I can always relate to them, one or more, depending on the day, and when I’m angry or sad I can always find a song that makes me feel at least a little bit better. So here’s how my mood changes from time to time ->
My-Mood Videos

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