St. Nick

santa-clausI know, I didn’t write this post in time even though I wanted to, but it’s my blog, this is the time I want to write about it, so I’ll just date it back to the day it happened, the 6th of December :P

One of my best friends, works as a kindergarten teacher. A few weeks ago, she asked me if I had any plans for St. Nick’s, and when I answered I didn’t, she told me about how she’d like to surprise the kids with a visit from St. Nick. the problem was, that she couldn’t find anyone to do it, because her little girls attend that kindergarten, and this way, her husband and her brother, or any male relative from their family isn’t the best choice, since the girls can recognize them easily.

This was a perfect opportunity to do something totally different than what we’re used to, and help my friend meanwhile, so I told her I’ll ask my boyfriend if he wants to help too, and after his affirmative answer, we were set :)

We made a plan, and followed it, so none of the children would see us going in, cause it would have been such a disappointment for them to find out there is no St. Nick in real life. We just wanted them to be happy and surprised, so we snuck in after we heard my friend go inside with the kids, we quickly went into the kitchen and my boyfriend dressed in the St. Nick outfit left for him there, got the bag of presents (I was already dressed up ok, cause I was just the helper of St. Nick’s, so it didn’t require much), and I went ahead to prepare St. Nick’s entrance :)

What happened after I went in and explained how St. Nick always has a helper, and since I know my friend he chose me to help him at that particular kindergarten, it was great. We sang some songs with the kids, while waiting and than I rang a little bell… “He’s coming, he’s coming!” the kids shouted, they were so excited to see St. Nick :)

They were sooo cute, it was such a thrill to watch the excitement on their faces. Children just have a great attitude about things. They’re positive, optimistic, and hopeful. They see a world filled with sunlight and warmth rather than clouds and cold. They tend to be happy because they see the “glass half-full,” meaning they expect good things to happen to them. For them, everything is in the “here and now”, in the present, and at that moment, they were very happy to have a little time with St. Nick, tell him poems, sing to him, and receive their gifts.

It was a very good experience for us to be apart of their happiness, and my friend has a St. Nick and a helper for as long as she’ll work there :)

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  1. yes, i was really glad too, to see all the happy faces, i even got 2 sweet drawings, orange slices, and biscuits :) they were sooo cute and happy, their eyes were glowing. one child never saw st nick, and he was really scared, and cried, but after talking with me, for 5 seconds he was the happiest child alive :D its really a great experience! hope to do it next year too :D

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