. and a fresh start!

You know those people who interfere in your life? Those people who have no better occupation than to permanently be preoccupied with the things that happen in their peers life hoping they’ll hear something they can discuss over and over again.
You could say they do it just because they are trying to help you. But most of the time, that isn’t the case. They just don’t have better things to do, they do it so they can share any information with those alike them.
Do they care that this can affect the people they talk about because most of the time they bend the truth if it’s not to their liking? No… sadly…

This time I managed to be ahead of them, because I found out some things myself, something I didn’t know for sure, but now it’s confirmed. And now I can end this chapter of my life.
I’ve sent a letter to the person who did the most harm in my life, and now I feel that it’s ok, I can move on. So… a fresh start :)

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2 Responses to “. and a fresh start!”

  1. But I’d love it if someday he’ll see and regret how much he made me suffer…


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