Anniversary gift-giving

While anniversary gift-giving has become a somewhat mandatory practice, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the gift lists. It’s more important to give a gift that expresses your love for your partner and comes from the heart.
If you’re crafty, you could try creating your own homemade anniversary gifts that’s personal, unique, and from the heart. Send e-cards, flowers, plan a night out, a trip, etc. There are a lot of ideas, you just have to find one, that’s the best for you and your sweetie. And whatever you do, remember that anniversaries are a reason to celebrate and rekindle those feelings that made you decide to get together in the first place.
If you forget your anniversary, it’s kind of ok. While the hustle and bustle of every day life may have caused you to forget a gift, it doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten why you are in the relationship. Instead, give the gift of three little words that mean the most in a relationship, “I Love You”. But be sure to plan something for the weekend or something :P

I already bought my gift for my Sweetheart, he doesn’t know what it is, I want it to be a surprise, but I think he’ll like it a lot :) And I’ m happy that I can buy things I’d like, cause we have pretty much the same taste in these kind of things. I don’t have to buy something expensive, or big, etc. it’s more important to celebrate and be happy that we’ve been together for so long.
My Sweetheart and I just decided on what we’ll be doing on our 3rd anniversary, but I won’t tell you just yet :P So check back after the 16th of December :)

Later edit -> we wanted go to ice skating, then celebrate at home, exchange gifts, etc. but the ice skating part didn’t work out, so we had to postpone that. Even though, we had a great time with the rest of the plan :)

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