Fairy tales

cinderellas_castle“Once upon a time” are some of the most beautiful words ever written. In the land of make believe anything can happen!  Fairy tales do make us believe just that. It also makes us use our imagination. Everyone will be able to make connections in their own lives with that of the fairy tale, we all love magical-mystical happenings, and there has never been anything more magical, it’s actually… discovering the life within us. Fairy tales unfold like a rose, with multiple layers of meanings, they reveal universal truths, they take us to many places that we wouldn’t be able to visit just for fun, these stories that have a profound impact on people when their deeper meanings are uncovered. We can come back to these stories all the time, and at each stage in our lives we will take something different from them.

I thought of this definiton for fairy tales while I was watching “A Cinderella Story” for the 3rd, 4th, 5th… who even knows how manieth time. It’s a movie I really like, especially because it’s updated to the world we live in now, and it shows us how life can change in a second, how we should make the most of our life. A fairytale isn’t a fairytale unless it has a happy ending. So I guess our good character must succeed and the evil character must lose and lose in a big way, so we can write our own “happily ever after!”

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2 Comments to “Fairy tales”

  1. all fairy tales start bad and end with “happily ever after!” so if the beginning isn’t hard, if its too easy i think that than life will be too simple and in the future everyone will think that everything is too simple and nothing is to be worried about.

  2. I hope it will :) and I know I’ll try to fight for it as much as I can and as much as you let me :)

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