Steps of a fresh start

Like it?

Like it?

I have an all natural mix of “copper red & blond” hair that goes about 12 inches past my shoulders… I love it!

I’m only a do-it-yourself expert, yet I liked seeing other people experiment, and a while back I wouldn’t have let a bottle of dye within 10 feet of my hair no matter what.
But now, I needed a change, and since I suffered (well suffered only during summer) so much until it got at a great lenght, I didn’t want to change anything at that aspect… so after I discussed the options with my stylist who had additional ideas for a cut that would best suit me, modifications to the style, etc. my final decision was to dye my hair, have some highlights.
First I got the “golden blond” highlights, and then the “autumn maple” color in between my natural color and the highlights, and I am very pleased by the result.
It’s all well placed and subdued, but effective enough to catch nuanced glimmers of sunlight and flashbulbs. It looks very nice, I like it a lot! Thank God I don’t regret it :)

So you see, I meant every word of the post entitled . and a fresh start. This is another change after the letter, and there are more to come next year, even if those won’t be so visible to just anyone.

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