Criticizing mood today :P

These are 2 pics I really like, and just have to comment about. No hard feelings, I’m  just  considering the merits and demerits of the pics and judge accordingly :P
And the fact that I hate them both didn’t do them any good, it just brings the best out of my criticizing mood :D


So... this is what a male specimen looks like when it's in that special period, in heat. It would literally jump (and hump) on anything :)

"A cow for a cow!" =))

I can't even imagine what her boyfriend said when he gave her a present like this (& how much has he stoped to think before purchasing it?). But I'll do my best: it's probably something that couldn't have been expressed like the "A rose for a rose" statement... So applied in this case: "A cow for a cow!" =))


6 Comments to “Criticizing mood today :P”

  1. Thank you, thank you, I know O:-)
    (just kidding :P)

  2. that guy was either really drunk or he didn’t get the idea of the Free Hugs Campaign ~ nice pics :)
    p.s. i like the “rose for a rose” comparison :))

  3. @ Calin
    =)) good one, why didn’t think of it too at the time? :P
    And my favorite is the “rose for a rose” aka “cow for a cow” comparison =))

  4. nice pictures LOL :))

  5. haha! you’re cute when criticizing :)

  6. You’re fun to read, I like your humor!

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