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A few months ago, I decided to take a floral artist course, not because I don’t know anything about it, but because I want to learn about wedding arrangements, etc. and most importantly, because this way I’ll also have a diploma, I can always learn new things, and also I wanted to prove to myself how good I can be :)

Here I was 2 days ago, minding my own business, relaxing and thinking of how good it is to just be lazing around after the holidays, reading magazines and listening to music, doing nothing, etc. … when I got a call, and found out that the floral artist exam, one and the same with the one that was supposed to take place at the end of January or maybe only at the beginning of February, will in fact be on the 17th of January!

Oh my God! I mean… I honestly never looked through the book since the theory part of the course ended. Not that I won’t, but it’s so boring :( I already know all that, since I worked in flower shops for almost a year (combined), and the practice part had to wait until now, because I wanted to learn about the wedding arrangements, bridal bouquet, etc. and this time of year there weren’t any weddings…I went to the flower shop I was assigned to for the practice and I already made 2 bridal bouquets, here’s one of them, small but beautiful and the florist there couldn’t believe I didn’t do this before :D

So as you can imagine, I’m gonna be a bit busy now, since I have to learn and go to practice too, so I’ll probably see you here on the blog after the 17th :P

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Have a great week (and what’s left of the weekend too)! :)


2 Comments to “Floral artist exam”

  1. thanks a lot :*

    1. sorry, I’m more sleep-typing so it takes a longer time to answer :P
    2. hmmm… daca e sa o luam asa, sa-ti explic putin :)
    Buchetul miresei poate avea oricand o semnificatie mai mult sau mai putin ascunsa celor din jur dar importanta pt miri. O anumita combinatie de flori, cu design-ul potrivit poate spune mai mult decat vorbele :)
    De exemplu culoarea rosie reprezinta pasiunea, iubirea, si se spune ca aduce noroc si fericire; daca e combinata cu roz, se adauga langa acestea si prietenie.
    In plus, in general buchetul se asorteaza si cu restul aranjamentelor din biserica/sala (desi e mai usor sa se aleaga prima data buchetul si apoi restul in functie de el).
    Dar cel mai important: trebuie sa-i placa miresei!!!
    PS: merci pt idee, dupa examen voi scrie un post despre asta. Mai detaliat, ca dupa aproape 1 an la florarie ma pricep destul de bine :D

  2. very nice.. :) and break a leg :P:*

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