Floral artist exam 2

It’s over! The floral artist course is over, and the exam was on Saturday. When I read the subjects I wanted to just bang my head against something… I spent a looot of time studying… and the subject were so easy #:-S I can think of many other things I could’ve done instead of studying that much, and it seems I worried for nothing.

We had the test first, and then the presentation of our projects where we went in separately and had to talk about the techniques we used in the process of making the arrangement/bouquet/basket whatever we chose. The people were nice enough, and honestly didn’t pay that much attention to what I said, they just started discussing how beautiful the arrangement was, how the colors are a perfect match as they give even more value to each other.  It was nice to see how much the liked it :)

Anyway, the important thing is that I’m done with it and I achieved to be as good as I expected from myself, I got a 10 on the my "Surprise arrangement" and on the test as well (or an A, or whatever the highest mark is from where you’re reading this) :)
After taking a look at the other projects, my Sweetheart and my family said my arrangement was the most beautiful, and I was very pleased when I talked to the girls from the flower shop where I went to practice, and they also said I was the most inspired and my arrangement would’ve won if it was a contest.
It’s very flattering, and so nice to know that all my hard work has payed off :)

S7002904-crop S7002969-crop


5 Comments to “Floral artist exam 2”

  1. Thank you Sweetheart :*:P I really hope some day i can be even better :)

  2. Thanks a lot :) I try :)

  3. wow it is very very beautiful.Congratulation!:*
    I’m very proud of you!:->

  4. @ Amy and Sacy
    I’m glad you’ve liked it, and hope you’ll keep your word and ask me to make the arrangements, bridal bouquet, etc. on your wedding :*

  5. Thanks a lot guys, nice to see that it’s appreciated even by people who don’t know me :P

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