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2009, January 20

Little bit of criticizing and history

marcius15I hate the kind of people who seem to often  say “Oh, I now everything, I can judge you for who you are and I don’t care at all that what I’m saying is rubbish. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true and that I didn’t even pay attention to what the original sentence was, it’s far more important to seem cool and offend someone, than to stop and think before I talk.”
I honestly can’t understand why people are like this, why they keep offending and trying to hurt one another, and especially why they don’t even pay attention to what they say. I don’t wanna sound like I know everything, cause I don’t, no one can, but a little bit of brains is needed when having a conversation, even if it’s just in the comments of a blog.

Because when you don’t pay attention… it comes down to something like this: yesterday, a very “nice” girl was trying to have a go at me, and it really turned against her when she stated that I have mental problems and that MY nationality is something to be ashamed of.
Ok, if you say so…
But let me tell you something “dear”, as surprising this will be to you:
MY nationality is also YOUR nationality, because since we were both born in Romania, our ethnicity is the one that’s different.
(So… which one of us has the mental problems? :P)
I think this said it all, no need for any further explanation :)

The 1st part was a special dedication to Anda.

And now a bit of history for those who are interested. I didn’t want the post to be too long so I included the links where you can find what I wanted to let you know (since history isn’t really my thing, it’s written better there) :)

Transylvania was Hungarian for a Thousand years:

  1. As part of the Hungarian Kingdom
  2. As an Independent Hungarian Principality
  3. As part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Transylvania was part and parcel of the Hungarian Kingdom, or an independent Hungarian Principality for over a thousand years.

Article here: Transylvania is hungarian and more at: Psichological war against Hungarians in Romania or Hungarians in Romania

I love Transylvania and Kolozsvár, I am proud to be Hungarian, I was born here, and I honestly think it’s beautiful here, it has more beautiful sights than any other place… I just hate the mentality by which Romanians (not all, but most of them sadly) judge and treat Hungarian people! :(

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