An Italian day :P

Hmmm… today I had a very Italian day, and as a result of this, you’ll find a few Italian songs in the My-Mood Videos page :)

Otherwise my mood can change from bad to worse in just a few seconds, but it’s better than yesterday, so at least my stress level is a little bit lower. I’m sure that my mood changes when the weather changes.
When it’s sunny, nice and warm, then I’m happy and I enjoy things around me more. But when it rains and everything is gray, then my mood is like gray, I’m not so interested in things and I’m also not so happy.
I get really grumpy in windy weather, even if I don’t have to be out in it for extended periods of time, I get annoyed with everything :(
With the white snow, I feel like a bit funny but comfortable and good inside…

It would be silly to ask for sunny days and warm weather.. but I’d like at least a small amount of snow…

Later edit -> In thimes like this, I could probably find boxing very stress releasing… I need a hug…


4 Comments to “An Italian day :P”

  1. Awwww! Be happy! Any better now? :)

  2. @ Laura
    Thanks… if only it worked like that :)

  3. Today I feel a bit better :) and thanks, I know :*
    (I don’t allow comments on the My-Mood Videos page because I frequently update it with new videos, and I don’t wanna keep guessing if someone doesn’t write down the title of the video they were talking about)

  4. Hellooo… anyone there? :) ppl r missing u here, u know.. So comeee baaaack! :P

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