Some ramblings :P

Yummy chocolate muffin

Yummy chocolate muffin

Since Laura was so sweet today and said people are missing me over here, I decided to write something… I have a few thoughts to write about, but of course this would include me doing some thinking too, so don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t work out :P

Well anyway… let’s start with the beginning, shall we? :)
First of all, let me tell you how hard it is to buy a gift for someone: very hard! My Sweetheart’s birthday is on the 1st of February, and it was honestly hard to find just the right gift for him (being such a perfectionist doesn’t pay off in cases like this). I searched for quite a few days, started out with an idea, and then had to change it along the way… the important thing is that I’ve found a great gift -> which means that it won’t go to waste because he kind of needs it, so obviously it’s useful, and he’ll like it, which is really the most important :) Plus I’m baking the birthday cake too :D
But I’m not done yet… because now I get to focus on a Valentine’s Day gift (yes, I’m always efficient and think about/buy the present ahead of time, it saves me from the extra stress and rush). I kind of have half of it already, but it still needs some work since I’m the one making it, and I really can’t give him just that so I still need to go shopping and find something he’ll like, even though this time I have no idea that would suit my given finances at this point… And of course it doesn’t help that every time I ask him what he’d like he says: “I don’t know.” … so more amusement and head ache for me :P

Another thing that’s on my mind since last week is that since I’ve finished the floral artist course, now I have to find a job as soon as possible.
It’s okay on some level, cause I have a job lined up for me in the floral artist position at an acquaintance’s flower shop, basically she has so much work in the weekends when the weddings string starts from about march, that she needs another person to help her. So that’s gonna be from Friday afternoon ’till Sunday afternoon, but I’d love it if I could find something else to fill in the weekdays too, it would be a lot better (not to mention what a big help financially too)! And if I want to make my/our dream of living together with my Sweetheart come true, I really need 2 jobs (I’ll elaborate on this one another time when it will be closer to achieve).
I can see sadly, that these days it’s over with the: “get a job and live well” possibility, now it’s more like: “get a few jobs and still struggle”…

And I won’t even get started on how “easy” it is to find a good job, the essential is that: if you don’t have experience they won’t hire you, but if you’re not given the opportunity to work, how in the world could you have the experience they ask for???
And the fact that it’s a financial crisis
everywhere, that people are fried from a lot of places, etc.  doesn’t help eighter. What can I say? … “perfect” timing.

But at least I had a blast experimenting some recipe last weekend at my boyfriend’s (it was to die for!) and especially yesterday when I baked some very tasty muffins :D (yes, I’m one of those people who actually gets more relaxed by doing something like baking, cooking, cleaning :P)

I guess I did have something to write about after all :)

PS: the surprise gift-box from my arrangement is still alive, I’m so proud of it :D

check out this site with some crazy Valentine’s day gifts, click here. Hint to the toilet gift -> What will they think of next? A heart-shaped bucket for when both partners get sick? :P Sorry if my example was disgusting…

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5 Responses to “Some ramblings :P”

  1. @ Amy
    I am worried because it’s hard, frustrating whenever I get to dead-ends and I hate what it does to my stress level because all those stupid people…
    But I know I’ll find something, I am determined to! :)

    I know it takes patience and I hope you’ll help me have enough…
    And about the gifts… as I said before: you’ll find out on Sunday :P but I’m happy you’ve liked the muffins :D I am good :P
    And don’t think of having the site as an inspiration :P but you know better :*

  2. Awww welcome back hun! :) This was a nice post, considering that u didn’t know what to write about :) Very yummy muffin and Gosh, u really r an artist with that floral course thing :o it’s not something u can hear or see all the time. gratz! :* Btw: what’s his present? :D *puppy eyes* :D

  3. @ Laura
    Thanks! I guess it’s all in how we present what we want to say especially when we don’t really have any big thoughts :)
    And thanks for the congrats too, I’m touched you think so highly of it. But I do know too that not everyone could do something like this :P
    About Ferydaboss’s present… tell you on mess, k? :)

    PS: congrats! your comment reached comment number 300 :D

  4. My advice for guys is to be more attentive when you’re with her shopping somewhere, we girls (especially) tend to drop hints at any point of the day :P So if you pay attention it’s not that hard :)


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