Happy Birthday!!!

The cake I baked for him :)

The cake I baked for him

Special dedication to my Sweetheart:

Happy birthday darling, I love you very much :*:P
(imagine Corinne May’s singing “boyfriend” instead of friend :P)
But you are both to me anyway :)
Have a lovely celebration today!

I love you :*:P


4 Comments to “Happy Birthday!!!”

  1. Yaaaay! Happy bday Estrella’s sweetheart! Hehe! Make her happy.. :) she deserves it (but I guess u know better) :X

  2. Thanks Laura :* (Sweetheart didn’t see it yet) but today is all about him, since it’s his birthday :P but we get pampered enough all year round too :)

    PS: wow, you do get online @ very weird hours :P

  3. Thank you Laura. because you were wondering i got a “4 way digital clock” (go figure:P ) which show 4 things on each side:) and a CD holder, and a magnetic pig… :| piggy, sorry. and last but not least a really really nice looking and tasty b-day cake :D

  4. Hey! I Updated the post with a pic of the yummy cake I made :D
    Look out everyone, don’t drool on the keyboard :P

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