Reaching for a star…


S7003068-crop2My hole life I’ve been constantly reaching for stars, for things I wanted and couldn’t have… simple (for me) things like a normal family, good grades, a dog, good health, etc. and I didn’t get too many of them.
Until this day, I still want these things and I have no idea when I can have them so I can stop being so stressed all the time, so I can kick back and relax a bit too instead of worrying all the time.
I wish people could say one day in the near future: I’m sorry, but I had to act like this so I can surprise you… but that’s never gonna happen :(

I can’t stop reaching… I can’t just sit around and wait, expect for things to come my way. Yet reaching didn’t pay off eighter… Sometimes I just don’t wanna do anything anymore, there are days where it’s just a little bit too much to take.
Even though I can look at my life and see where I’ve been and be grateful for what I have: it doesn’t make now any easier. I mean, I am grateful when I think of all that has gone, and I feel blessed to still be alive, to have a roof over my head, people who love me, but… I guess I’m just tired…
what can and should I do?
I have no idea… maybe one day everything will be ok… maybe…


2 Comments to “Reaching for a star…”

  1. Hope is what keeps us going, what keeps us living. perfect love and perfect life I think is boring without some day by day “errors”. reaching for something is good. If you can’t reach it than you should (we should) reach together. I’ll try to be more “reachful” and involved to reach with you to those distant stars and hopefully we will make it together!

  2. you should kick back and relax like that flee-bag Onyx of yours :P
    relax, eat, play and relax again :) he seems happy not doing anything at all, all day long :) just going to his women, coming home, eating and sleeping :)

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