Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #2

This pearl’s origin dates back to before Christmas, when the guy and girl were decorating the Christmas tree when the girl’s mother came in and accidentally scared her daughter.


PS: now this is a brave guy, isn’t he? :P

PPS: for those of you who’s first thought will be that I stole this pearl from DS’s page, think for a second and ask him before you start bombing me with stupid comments, because he heard it from ME!

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4 Comments to “Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #2”

  1. yes :) it is really a good pearl :D I like it very much :))
    I’m happy that you heard it =))
    keep up the good work gathering them :P:*

  2. I will, and I’m glad you like it :P
    (I wonder why? :P)

  3. Well … :-$ I’m not telling :P

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