Valentine’s Day

I won’t write about how people came to celebrate the 14th of February as Valentine’s Day (you can find out the history behind it if you’re interested, by clicking the link). I just wanna share with you that I like it!S7003327-1

Not because this time of year all blogs start posting all sort of articles about how nice or bad it is (just like around any other holidays too :P), not because people in relationships exchange gifts, not because people who are not in a relationship get possessed by the thought of having to spend Valentine’s Day alone and immediately start seeking someone to be with for a few days just so they won’t be judged by anyone (this is a really stupid thing, I don’t get it…), not because all the shop windows, malls and so on, are filled with tonnes of little (or even exaggeratedly big) hearts, doves, Cupids, etc., not because of how on the actual day you can’t find a parking space and you bump into more people than usually, not because of the stupid mass messages filling your screen in a few seconds saying that if you don’t send them on you’ll be alone forever (get a life!!!) and not because of how expensive everything gets almost over night…

I like it because it’s a celebration of LOVE! Anyone can celebrate it even if their single or in a relationship, celebrate with family, friends and loved ones, it’s not a written rule that it can only be celebrated by couples (that’s just a stupid excuse to don’t like it).
I think it should be considered to be another good chance to thank the people we love for being there for us, for their patience, help, kind words. Because let’s face it, nobody remembers to appreciate the people around them all the time, or too often for that matter, they mostly do it on big international holidays… so why not on Valentine’s Day too? :)

I’m lucky to be able to celebrate my love for and with my Sweetheart each and every day, I am grateful that even after 3 years and 2 months we still say "I love you!" each morning when we wake up, during the day, and at night before we go to sleep. We try to make any day a great day, surprise each other from time to time with and e-card, a flower, chocolate, etc. and we succeed to don’t get into a dull routine :)
This Valentine’s Day we got each other small but significant gifts, even though I specifically said "No flowers this year", I got a very beautiful rose from my Sweetheart, and we went to see a movie ("Bride wars", it’s great, I recommend it to anyone who likes comedies) and had dinner, and overall it really was the lovely and romantic day I was looking forward to.
Thank you for this beautiful day Sweetheart, for the presents, and for the beautiful rose I got! And also happy 3 years and 2 months anniversary too! I love you :*:P




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11 Comments to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Very nice writing, and all the posts are great :)

  2. Thanks Olsenf *blush*
    I’m just happy that people like it :)

  3. Hey! just saw these beautiful pics and had to leave you a comment :) the rose is really beautiful and it’s rare to have a guy who actually knows what he’s buying and is good at it, he’s a keeper :P

  4. :) Thanks Evie, he really is a keeper, I wouldn’t dream of trading him in for another model :P

  5. So nice to be in love, isn’t it? :)
    Best of luck to you two!

  6. Favorite day of the year for me :) I like your article a lot, you’re right.

  7. My fave holiday after X-mas

  8. great view, nice post! Love valentine’s

  9. I just bought a present for my hubby while I was shopping for Christmas presents :P maybe a bit early, but what the heck, it’s great :)

  10. lovely post, great points!

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