Spring anyone? :)

Galanthus nivalis

Calendaristically speaking Spring is just a few days away.
Dawn dawns (used it like this wordplay just for fun :P) upon us earlier, the days are a bit longer, in people’s gardens Snowdrops are blooming for a few weeks now…
But the outside weather isn’t at all convincing that it will be Spring soon :(
To be perfectly honest, we did have a Winter during which we felt the warm rays of the Sun on our faces and the gently blowing wind, we missed the holiday snow and the lake wasn’t frozen for such a long time as in the past years… yet now I wish it would be Spring again so we can lose the shield of clothes we’re hiding behind now and wear more comfortable clothes, shoes instead of boots and no hats (I absolutely hate hats!!!) :)
Sadly it looks like once again Mother Nature has it’s say in the process and has no remorse in keeping it from us.

So right now… we can only hope for Spring, because it seems to me that no matter how hard the times we’re living in are… it’s always a bit more bearable when the Sun is shining!

Later edit -> nice turn of events… it’s snowing today (the 27th)…

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2 Comments to “Spring anyone? :)”

  1. yes spring is far away i see…. when it should be snowing everything freezes and the sun is bright, and when it’s supposed to be nice warmish weather it is snowing…very weird but hopefully spring comes soon and then we’ll all be throwing off four layers of clothes (one remains :D) and take a walk in the beautiful sunshine :)

  2. Exactly :) great minds, huh? :P

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