Just… a day in the life of…

I didn’t really feel like doing anything today…

Because of some health issues, I woke up with a neck & head-ache, but I was glad I could start the washing machine and get 4 loads of washing done, plus I washed the dishes, and so on. Meanwhile I was surfing on the net, and hung out on Twitter a bit. Just looking around, exploring… and it took me a while until I found a background I could live with :P But now it’s done (of course, I’ll probably change my mind every other week, but for now it’s okay), and I added a Tweet-ness widget on my blog, anyone interested can check it out :)
In the afternoon I got upset at some incredibly inconsiderate people around me (I hate them more and more with every day that passes!), so I cleaned the room to release my stress :) and it wasn’t a waste, since the room looks great too! After that… I got bored… everything I could do was done, so I took the advice I got a few weeks ago and got myself working on making my blog look more personal, more like me and my writing… so I downloaded this Windows Life Writer thingy and it took me a while to find a font that best resembles my handwriting :) I guess this is it, but if I find one that’s better you’ll notice :P
I don’t know why, but I love the fonts that resemble handwritings, probably because they seem a bit more personal and since a journal you keep at home is written in your own handwriting, why not have it on your blog too? :)
A very special thanks to
Farina for sharing her little secret with me :P! I love Windows Live Writer, and I probably won’t post without it any more :)

This is it for today, I can’t seem to have enough concentration even though I’m still bored… well… I’ll find something else to fill my time with :)

PS: I sooo feel like eating pizza for dinner! :P


7 Comments to “Just… a day in the life of…”

  1. Haha, yes yes. I see someone quite familiar here. Haha, it’s a not such a little secret! Haha.
    and yes, the shoes are very comfortable because the soles are very thick! Haha. You won’t feel like as if your walking bare-footed like some shoes!
    Yes! Some shoes are nightmares! Sometimes, I’ll come home full of blisters. Haha.

  2. and you got pizza :P and it was really good :P
    and yes, that windows live writer thingy is good :P

  3. I like lots of different fonts too, can’t say I have a favorite one though… :))
    On your site I like the comic sans more than the ones in this post. Which one’s your favorite?

    • :) I can’t say I have only one favorite, because there are quite a few I like a lot.
      I like the ones I wrote with on my blog, but chose Comic Sans to stay because it’s the one I liked it best in regards to how readable it is, and since the others don’t appear on other PCs unless they have the same font installed (so in case you didn’t have these fonts you would’ve seen some big big letters which don’t look too good).
      Anyway, this looks good for now and it does resemble my handwriting when I write the letters separately ;)

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