Unsettled… insecure…

When is my recent period of feeling unsettled and especially insecure coming to an end already? When will I be able to look forward, to feel more content than I have been in a long time?
I’m not feeling mighty fine about our new situation, though it might not really seem all that new right now, mostly because it’s going on since August last year…

Is it working out for the best, might I have the chance to tell someone "I told you so." when all this is over?
We’re right on the verge of a new beginning in our relationship.
I often think about what I/He’d like to change, and what I/He’d like to keep as is. If I could make anything happen, what would it be? And… would it help in any way?
I don’t feel like rushing ahead, and I can’t seem to slow down and savor the day either… especially because of some people who’s life goal is tearing me down, and to do everything in their power to achieve it…
I absolutely know: it’s the small moments with my loved one, not just the big events, which make our relationship what it is…
But… Is our relationship just what we need it to be?

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I wish I could change the past or… at least that it was last Christmas again…


3 Comments to “Unsettled… insecure…”

  1. I hope so too… but in rainy days like this I feel pretty much depressed and all the bad thing overshadow the good ones… and I’m just sad and that’s why I feel like I wrote above.
    But thank you for being here for me, I hope you realize how much it matters! :*:P I love you too Sweetheart! :*:P

    And I’m glad you like the video of my snow globe Christmas present, I love it so much it’s still on my desk! (and Christmas passed quite a few months ago :P) It was a wish come true, a wish I had since I was a little girl :P
    Anyway I love it, and it makes me feel a bit better :)

  2. Hey! Told you I’ll be back.
    Don’t worry too much about your relationship. As I’ve read you seem meant for each other and the that’s even more clear as you are still together when lots of people would’ve just given up. Keep that always!

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