This (Liar) Game people call Life

It’s really nice to be posting again after a while, as you could all see I wasn’t exactly in the mood to write an insightful post… so I limited them to quotes, videos, etc. things that best described my current mood and such.

But today, when I read Farina’s post, it got me thinking and that’s great after the crappy week(s) I had too. And since I’m writing about it: Farina, thank you so much for that! I needed a kind of nudge to drop back in this (Liar) Game people call Life… :)

QUESTION: Is it wrong to be idiotically honest? Is it right to deceit others? Is it just human’s nature to be that way? [ try to ponder and comment, please. :) ]

After a bit of pondering… I’ll try and answer the questions:

“Is it wrong to be idiotically honest?” – Oh yes! Or really it’s not wrong necessarily, but it’s not that smart either. Unfortunately I have learned this the hard way… being honest doesn’t always pay off, much more, it can sometimes screw you over more or less on it’s own. Like when you trust a person and they deceit you… (and) you can’t help but feel it’s your own fault for being honest with them in the first place.
So from this statement I can answer the next question:
“Is it right to deceit others?” – Maybe a few white lies won’t hurt anyone, but I really don’t think it’s right to deceit people, how could it be? … but as an answer to the last question:
“Is it just human’s nature to be that way?” – I can see sadly it IS in human’s nature to be that way… the thing is, some cave in and some keep their good nature. I think it’s all in how a person is raised, his family, surrounding environment, friends, etc.
But I guess… even if someone’s idiotically honest, it’s still somewhat better than to deceit people all the time, because after a while it’s bound to come back and bite them in the ass :P

I hope you like my insight on the questions :) If you have some of your own, feel free to comment.


6 Comments to “This (Liar) Game people call Life”

  1. White lies are sometimes good. lies, sometimes are meant to protect people. to help them. some lies are partially true… just that people say it in a way that wouldn’t hurt anyone.
    sole “lies” i wouldn’t call lies. maybe someone doesn’t tell you the whole story. is that a lie? i don’t think so. if someone tells you a story, that is 80% true, an the other 20% are white lies and/or “not told things” is that a lie? i don’t think so. that’s my opinion.

    • Yes white lies are usually kind of okay, they’re the ones sounding like this:
      You look great – in the morning when your hair is a mess, and you have a very tired face;
      It’s very tasty – when you don’t actually like the food but you’re able to eat it at least once; etc.
      But I would call keeping something from the other person a lie. Maybe people say half of the truth, but the other half is left in silence, so it’s discovered when it’s too late, when it’s already considered a lie.
      So the untold things are lies too, because people have a chance of saying them and chose not to, that’s their choice and they have to live with them when the lies are uncovered…

  2. Well. I do have comments about the questions asked.

    I don’t think it is wrong to be idiotically honest. But at times, they should know when to use their brains and make sure people won’t step on their head, or something.

    I agree that it won’t be smart to be idiotically honest because well, people could just take advantage of them. But then again, it just shows one’s character in our society is. Where’s the kindness?

    It is wrong to deceit others. But, telling a white lie or so, isn’t so wrong. It is just not right for one to deceit others. It’s horrible.

    And yes, I do think it’s human nature to be that way. Though I’m not sure why. But, it just gets worse and worse somehow. :(.

    Haha. And yes, karma. What goes around comes around. :):).

    • I agree with you :) and I don’t really know why it is in human’s nature to be that way but I also think it’s getting worse… people only think of themselves these days and that’s really sad :(

  3. I like the show too, it’s interesting. But I especially like your take on the questions, couldn’t have expressed it better myself :P

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