Spring in the Botanical Garden

2 days ago I went to the "Alexandru Borza" Botanical Garden with my Sweetheart for a looong walk, we were gone for about 5 hours :) long walks there and back, and the longest in the Botanical Garden.
We had such a great time! This is the most beautiful and complex botanical garden in Eastern Europe, so I was pleased to see how quite a few things have been changed and upgraded since our last visit in autumn 2008, and it certainly looks great.
Everything was green, flowers blooming, lots and lots of beautiful, different types of Tulips, Magnolias and so on, in the most amazing colors of red, violet, deep purple, pink, white, orange, peach, yellow and lots more in the Ornamental Section and Japanese Garden.

Since my Sweetheart loves taking photos, and so do I… we ended up taking almost 400 photos and using up 4 batteries (I even had to take a few photos with my phone camera), and if we had 2 more charged batteries we would’ve reached that number easily :P
Here are just a few of the pics I like best in a slide show which can be found on my
Photos in/of Kolozsvár page too :) I’ll upload them to
my Flickr photostream too, although I’m not sure when yet, so I’ll let you know after I do.

As for the walk, I’m only sorry we forgot about the Greenhouse complex’s schedule, it’s only open until about 5 PM and we got there too late… But I guess it’s not such a great loss because we have seen it before, and we’ll be going back anyway after the roses bloom too :) We want photos of those too, to increase our collection :)

We saw a family out for a walk with their sweet baby boy, and as the mum was on the grass with him, she just let him crawl and look at the pretty colorful flowers which he was drawn to obviously :P Oh my God he was sooo cute and adorable!!! [My Sweetheart even made a joke that if we won’t have such a sweet baby he’s gonna sue me :))] Here’s a sneak photo I made of the little boy :D


The walk ended with a look around from the Water Tower, not like we hadn’t seen the view before, but it’s a great place I love it. We did come home all exhausted, but we got to spend the day together and it was a really great day overall and even if it’s gonna end up to be half as good as it was 2 days ago… I still can’t wait to go again when the roses bloom too!


3 Comments to “Spring in the Botanical Garden”

  1. Glad you had a great time too! :) I still can’t wait to go again :P

  2. Absolutely wonderful pictures!!!

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