A storm in May

There was such a big storm last night here in Kolozsvár… S7001270-1
I normally don’t have a problem with them as long as I’m inside and safe from the rain, but last night it kept me awake.
I was still at the PC when it started… 
First I turned off my PC and my mom’s TV (she usually forgets to time it and falls asleep, so it and ends up on my list before bed), and unplugged the cable too just for safe-keeping because we had an ugly storm a few years back too and a lightning hit right outside on our street. As a result: almost every TV in the area was toast, literally… and my previous PC had the same fate too, so you can understand my fear of lightning and need for switch off sockets throughout the house.
After that I rushed out to see if my sweet little kitten Maci was inside the patio, cause the big cats can come in climbing on the roof and escalade down from there, but Maci is too young to be able to do that yet. Luckily I found all our cats on the patio so it was okay.
Then I climbed back into bed… and watched the lightning and listened to the thunders, which are both scary enough on their own but even more so when they end up both at the same time because of the difference between light and sound speed. I really didn’t like it!

I only wished my Sweetheart could be with me and hold me close until it was all over…

PS: there’s a huge tree right outside our house and I’m in constant fear because if it’s hit by a lightning and in case it falls… it’s going to fall on our house :(


2 Comments to “A storm in May”

  1. Oh I hate them too and even my dog is afraid when he’s supposed to be the one protecting the master right? I couldn’t get him out from under my bed all night.

    Cute kitten!!!

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