Estrella –> to the rescue :)


I can’t really complain my days are uneventful and dull. Life still has surprises for me, things in store I never ever thought I’d see myself doing.
So to imagine the next situation, you’ll need this list:

1 lost kitten
1 big space under the roof divided in two by one of the beams holding up the roof
1 small (30.5 cm (or 12 inches)) neighbor’s bathroom window
1 way too small ladder
1 grandfather
and 1 Estrella Azul

Can you see where this is going? :P

It all started when I got home and found out my kitten Maci was missing since this morning. I got sad of course, I love all my pets and she’s the smallest only 2 months old so she’s the one everyone fears for most. Worried as I was I started searching for her, and while shouting her name I heard her miauing back. It was very good at least she was very close by, only I couldn’t figure out where exactly her miauing came from… Had to ask my grandfather to join in the search and he opened the attic door but no sight of the kitten, even though the miauing continued. At least now, from up at the attic door my grandfather said it sounds like it’s coming from the neighbors, because from down where I was the walls, garage and patio roof made it hard to locate the sounds.
So we went over and bothered our neighbor, asked her if she saw Maci. She said she actually saw her from her bathroom window earlier but didn’t give it attention since she thought the kitten would go away sometime. We went inside, looked out the bathroom window and there she was: Maci’s small head, her big scared eyes looking at us from behind the beam that’s holding up the roof over the neighbor’s window. It’s actually a closed space with only a few small spaces where the air can change, not really a place for a kitten to go in, especially a small one like Maci. She must have been so scared that she didn’t know how to get out. We tried to grab her but couldn’t reach that far, she was frightened and didn’t want to move from where she was sitting.
Than we got a small ladder from our neighbor, I climbed up and tried to reach her but the window was in the way, I didn’t have much room to move. So my grandfather took down the window from it’s frame, I got back on the ladder and could kinda fit through the window, but only to a certain point, cause now the ladder was too small. Asked my grandfather to hold my legs and push me up, and I finally managed to reach my sweet little Maci, pull her towards me and slowly climb down. She was still very scared, shaking for quite a while after that but she’s okay now, ate a double portion of food and she’s asleep on my bed.

Looking back on this I can’t believe I climbed out thar window… it was filled with spider webs in that space, and surely there were spiders there too, I get the chills just thinking at them, but at the moment, it was more important to get back my sweet little kitten!


8 Comments to “Estrella –> to the rescue :)”

  1. Oh, I really do hope Maci’s alright. And he’s really cute! I’ve got a cat back then.. but it ran away. hehh.

    • Thanks you’re very sweet :) Maci is alright now, he’ll be getting his shots later today (plus the big cats too) so that won’t be the high point of their day, but it’s for their best :P
      I’m sorry your cat ran away, but unfortunately they do that sometimes, especially if they’re small and can’t find their way back for example. I’ll send you a kitten when our lady cat Mili has some (notice I’m joking) :P

  2. very brave of you, it surprised me that you climbed into spider webs, when you have an awful fear of them! the most important thing is that Maci is safe! hopefully (we all know it’s gonna happen soon :p) he won’t do stupid thing like this again! :)

  3. You had that mommy-bravery. The first time I was brave enough to handle spiders, it was because my kids were afraid of them. Children (and our pets) make us more daring and selfless. I’m so glad Maci’s okay… and you too!

    • You’re right, when someone else is in trouble or something like that it does make us selfless and as daring as it’s possible. But I won’t be petting spiders for the fun of it though :P

    • True, it’s easy to do something you’d never do if you only think about your kid, friend, pet, etc. the rest doesn’t matter.

    • My thoughts exactly: mommy-bravery :)

  4. :) right now I’m not that keen on having kids, who knows what scary things I’ll have to handle :P
    (just joking :P)

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