J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter quotes

I had my Quotes page for quite a while now, and it’s popular, can’t complain :P Today I’ve decided to make a new (sub)page where I’ll only write the quotes I like best from the Harry Potter book series. This is due mostly to my need of things being well categorized and my boredom today…
So introducing to you, my new (sub)page:
J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

I have quite a few so far, and others ones are coming up soon too :) so feel free to check back :)


11 Comments to “J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter quotes”

  1. Great idea! And I really like how you didn’t break them into categories. For me it’s more fun to remember on my own who said the particular quote, to whom, why, in what circumstances, etc. :)

    • Thanks Danna! I thought I’d break them into categories later on when I’m really really bored, but now that you mention this… I probably won’t ;)
      I also find it fun to remember all those things on your own :)

  2. As I’ve said, great quotes! Do post more when you have time to :)

  3. Lots happened since I last visited, but in a nice way, I’m surprised to find all these interesting stuff :P
    I loved the quotes!

  4. Hey, nice gathering of quotes!

  5. Lovely quotes, nice idea to gather them here.

  6. Great quotes, nice!

  7. Oh, such great quotes I saw there, thanks for the trouble of gathering them here!

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