The Final Destination

The 4th movie from the Final Destination series has been retitled from the working title Final Destination 4 to: "The Final Destination". It was a long wait since the last movie in 2006, but finally a trailer of the new movie was released as I noticed last night, and… it’s great! Death is closer than ever in digital 3D :)

The Final Destination will be in movie theater

on August 28 2009
(September 11 in Romania) !!!


7 Comments to “The Final Destination”

  1. OMG can’t w8 4 this movie to appear! :D

  2. Good movies, not that scary, but good anyway. Nothing I like better than a good movie :P Too bad it’s the last one (as I take it from the title)

  3. The Final Destination 4 you can watch it online with good quality and buffer free at

  4. There’s absolutely no reason for The Final Destination to exist other than the only one Hollywood studios really care about: a cynical cash grab. And that sucks, cause I really liked the first and second. Oh well, check out my review when you can!

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