Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #4

This pearl’s origin dates back to when our kittens were still very small and (it was said by yours truly ;)) they did what baby kittens do… and they were very close to their main goal: scratch owners senseless :P

pearl 4 cats come with

Maybe it’s not that funny now, but back then I found it to be :)


7 Comments to “Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #4”

  1. yeah those were my thoughts exactly :P couldn’t w8 4 them to learn how NOT 2 scratch :))

  2. my cats do that too, you’re right, they come with claws and one life purpose, to scratch whatever’s in their way. haha

  3. I love kittens too :) but I never had them born in my home, I got them all after they at least 2 months old. but those claws are sharp enough all the time :P

  4. That cracks me up! haha

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