Bridal bouquet tips :) Make your perfect wedding day dreams come true!

It’s my 100th post today, yesss! (imagine here a smiley jumping up and down of joy). I know it’s not a huge achievement, most people probably have at least 10 times as many, but who cares about other people right now (or in general for that matter)? :P I’m happy I reached this number and I’m proud of myself cause I’ve managed to keep a nice variety of topics without repeating myself (too many times) and it’s only annoying when I have to add tags, cause I always find myself adding new ones instead of using the old ones as much as I could… if only that “Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags” thingy would stay open all the time… but again: who cares about that, right? ;)
Anyway, back to my original string of thoughts: I wanted to post something meaningful (and long), so I chose a topic I love most – flowers! And since they have a looot to do with most of my time, here’s a post with some tips for the brides to be about flowers, especially in the bridal bouquet.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I did typing it (and making the bouquet in the photo)! ;)

bridal bouquet


Bridal bouquets

First off and very important: find a great floral artist! It may take some time, so you should start the planning several months before the wedding and have at least 3 (long) meetings with your florist prior to the wedding so you’ll be able to properly elaborate an what you want, what best suits you. In my opinion it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bit far from your home, on your wedding day you can always ask someone to get your arrangements for you, or if they’re very professional the florist will bring it to your home.
Second: be ready to pay a price (yet with moderation of course), cause it’s one of the most important days in both your lives. You wouldn’t want to end up running back to your original florist on your wedding day, to make you another bouquet because the cheap bouquet is ugly, fell apart, etc. It’s so much easier to just nail it the first time around, isn’t it?
When you’re ordering your bouquet and the arrangements make sure you give all the details possible, like: your hair style, wedding gown color and style, groom’s outfit color, car and reception hall colors/overall look and style, etc. All very important aspects for creating the harmony you deserve. It’s like in any good relationship – communication is the key, in this case with your floral artist!

So many decisions, right? You should ask yourself what your favorite flower is, what colors does it come in, if it’s in season and what kind of flowers it can be mixed with? Choosing flowers that are in season will cut back on your expenses, since they’re readily available.
Picking the perfect color will not only enhance your mood but it will help in finding balance not only through your hole color scheme but also spiritually.
For many couples the meaning and symbols of the colors and flowers chosen are a big source of inspiration: you can express your deepest love, affection, gratitude and intimacy for your groom – it can be  like a secret love language between the two of you! For example you can add to your bouquet the same colored flower your sweetheart gave you when he first started (or during the time he was still) courting.
In case your physical aspect isn’t something you’re proud of, believe me, a perfect wedding bouquet can help a lot:
if you have a bit of weight surplus – a long stem hand tied, an arm sheaf bouquet or a cascading bouquet would best suit your figure (and on the big day as much as when looking back on your wedding photos it will surely give the impression of minus 5 to 10 kgs);
if you’re a bit under the ideal weight line – you should opt for a classical round bouquet, give a thought to a pomander/kissing ball bouquet or an ingenious fan/purse/etc. bouquet. 
Either way, chose something that keeps your overall look in balance. Think of not making the bouquet of too many flowers (since you’ll have to hold it almost all day long), depending on the style you chose, talk about using organza and satin ribbons, faux pearl and gem beading, decorative wire, curly ting, decorative pearl rain drops, glue-on (colorful) acrylic crystal, feathers, etc. all with moderation and depending on your own personal style (and the hole aspect of the wedding).

Last but not least, my most important tip: the best solution is to first pick out your wedding bouquet – after that everything flows on it’s own, and  makes your life so much easier cause you got it off your list, and you won’t have to alter anything you wanted in it depending on the surrounding details. Your floral artist should be able to offer suggestions, provide examples, guide you in the right direction for you, will prepare the flowers so they look their best and last for the longest time possible, and help you get even closer to the perfect wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

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