A post about posting … and rain :)

As you might understand from the title, this here is a post about posting… and how I always forget what I think of during the day or at night before I go to sleep.

I always see things, hear things I want to elaborate on, and give my own opinion. Almost every night before I go to sleep (already in bed and with my PC shut down and unplugged) I remember something I saw or heard and I think of all these good points I’d like to make in regards to it, and guess what? I always forget until morning!

Still can’t believe it how I do that, but every time I think of something I say to myself: it’s late now, there’s nothing I could write on near me so I won’t turn on the lights to bother my Sweetheart, it can wait until morning cause I’m sure I’ll remember, it’s too good to forget, etc. And then, in the morning I wake up with absolutely no thoughts about any of the things that were on my mind (or maybe with the one recurring thought that “I hate cigarette smoke!”). And that’s it. I remember saying to myself not to forget something, something that was so obvious I thought I won’t forget, but no luck. I usually remember weeks or even months later, so when I remember last night’s pondering I’ll let you know :)

Meanwhile here’s a question for you: what could be more fun than leaving the house in sunny weather, no clouds, a nice breeze so it’s not too hot, birds chirping… and get home soaking wet from the pouring rain (almost imitating the beginning of The Flood, with lightning and thunder every few seconds) that started just when you had a few more streets to walk home?

I know MythBusters proved it: it’s better to run in the rain than walk, but I just didn’t have the necessary energy to do that today… especially with the groceries I bought on my way home.

PS: I would’ve loved to have on sneakers instead of sandals…


29 Comments to “A post about posting … and rain :)”

  1. First time posting here, just saying hello I guess.
    Looking to meet new people to exchange info with.
    Your blog’s very nice.
    See ya ;)

    • Nice to have you here, here’s saying hello back :) feel free to check back again, and thank you for commenting. I’m sure you’ll be able to exchange thoughts with us here ;)

  2. like your writing, good skills. rain is a nuisance :P totally agree!

  3. This look interesting, so far.
    Later, have a nice week!

  4. Rain always depresses me… don’t like it :(

  5. Happens to the best of us, we all forget things, and I can see a show of hands, me included, who got soaked in the rain :P
    But I like how cool it is after the rain :D

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