You made me laugh! aka Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #5 to #7

It amazes me how many things people are preoccupied with most of their time, what they actually search for on WordPress… and get to MY blog by doing so. They’re extended to a few months back :P Even for such an informative blog like mine (apparently), it’s not on a daily basis that I get to read search terms this funny. Anyway, here’s the top 3 that made me laugh my head off (and next to them my thoughts while reading them):

  1. quotes with "blood" or "heart" in them (I can understand that, it’s the same thing)
  2. tips for sex change (my hat off to you for at least searching for tips before the main event)
  3. wedding jitters decision (so it’s finally clear: it’s a decision you make. Silly me, how could I not know that?)

My personal favorite is the 2nd. But thanks to all you guys, for the laughs! You’ve made my existence in the blogosphere so much more fun. I really hope you’ve found what you were looking for =))

Which one’s your favorite? And in case you have a blog, what was the funniest search term you’ve noticed? :)


11 Comments to “You made me laugh! aka Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #5 to #7”

  1. Now that’s hilarious!!! I like the 2nd too. How can people search for things like that? …

  2. haha cool you can write about those things and then have many more visitors haha

  3. the blogosphere needs more tops like this :P imagine what other fun search terms are out there

    • I’m sure there are lots more funnier searches than these.
      I only had these and I will continue to read the search terms that lead to my blog, and I’d bet I will find others too, at least this funny :)

  4. I can’t remember the exact search but my funniest was something like this: “Nutritional value of Zebra.” (Yes, it’s also gross, but the dark side of me laughed.)

    • That’s a cool one too in regards to what your blog is about! My dark side is laughing too :P
      I wonder how people think of such things to search for? But at least we can have a laugh :))

  5. OMG those are SOO funny :)) nice work collecting and sharing them :))

  6. Haha! Cracked me up!!!

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