Poetry Monday – Bowling

" Sports can be addictive
Interactive play you see
Spectator, player engaged
In a pleasurable activity.

The sport in mind, bowling
Fame for those so equipped
Talent and strength together
First, a secure, proper grip.

Bowling shoes are necessary
A graceful, smooth approach
Diligently avoid the foul line
Risk losing a throw; reproach.

Admire as the ball traverses
Down the lane, forceful speed
Too much hook, avoid the gutter
Difficult to recover, retrieve.

The ball gains quick momentum
As heavy as blocks of bricks
Hold your breath, anticipating
Negotiating the lane so slick.

The ball finally makes contact
Pins flying furiously about
Wonder if strike, split or not
Pins finally settle, you shout.

Bowling is a sport, engaging
Another chance, never stuck
Avoid a 7-10 split if possible
Requires skill; modicum, luck."

~ Bernard Young,

PS: guess where I’m going later on? :P


24 Responses to “Poetry Monday – Bowling”

  1. Nice, didn’t know there would be a poem about bowling, your blog is full of surprises :)

  2. Great poem, didn’t think there would be something about bowling in poems :)

  3. Nice poem, if you don’t mind, I would like to use this poem in a poetry video project for my college class.


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