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I could list here at least 100 things in a heart beat, but it would be too far out to start a floral artist course through my blog. :P So, for those of you who are already married, or still single, and don’t have to think of your bridal bouquet dreams let me give some advices about arranging the flowers from your own garden. *Warning: looong post!*

First of all, hope you already know that you have to water the flowers in your garden only after the sun has set or in the morning before it’s risen, so you won’t burn your flowers’ roots and have them die on you (and then wonder what went wrong). You should also check what kind of soil you have because depending on the flowers you grow, they may need some additional flower feed.
A really good thing about the flowers from your garden is that you can be sure they’re fresh at all times :) When you cut them, be sure to place them directly into a bucket of water so the stem won’t get oxygenated too much, and before placing them in a previously cleaned vase which already has water in it (keep in mind the amount of water should be appropriate to the length of the flowers’ stem you’ll put into it), cut the stems again, just a bit, for refreshing the cut and to allow the flowers to soak up more water: cut at an angle to expose as much of the inner stem as possible! This will provide a larger surface area that is in contact with water and will mean the flower is able to soak up more. Repeat this cutting a little bit every day until you have the flowers, and I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you to change the water each day too.
Don’t leave any leaves in the water, they rot away quickly and kill the flowers before time.
When they first start to fade, cut off as many leaves as you can off the stem. It helps the water to go straight to the most beautiful part of the flower, keeping it alive for a bit longer. If you follow these tips, your flowers will surely remain fresh for longer than if you don’t.

From here, consider it all underlined :) –> And now for the art of arranging them: think of the flowers you are putting together. You won’t make them ugly, cause they’re after all flowers (like Judy said), but try to keep it as simple as possible.

You should consider the structure before anything so you can pick appropriately:

  • dome arrangement,
  • pyramid arrangement,
  • crescent flower arrangements – this can be created by using flowers with curving/flexible stems, the two tips of the crescent typically point up in the air,
  • horizontal arrangements – linear arrangements that sit close to the surface on which they’re placed,
  • vertical arrangements,
  • L-shaped arrangement,
  • fan arrangements,
  • triangle arrangements,
  • inverted T arrangement,
  • oval arrangements,
  • Hogarth’s curve arrangement – in the shape of an “S”)

and decide accordingly on

  • focal flowers that provide the focal point of your bouquet, the center of attention,
  • line flowers that create the silhouette, they give shape to the hole bouquet,
  • fillers that fill in the gaps you might have in between flowers and could go round the bouquet to give it some balance. You can also add some non-flower elements for diversity, like vines, ferns and other greens provide interest and texture.

When mixing, try to keep it to a maximum of 3-5 different type of flowers that are close in size (be careful not to match extreme sizes of flowers like a Freesia and a Sunflower) and in color range (here you can use your knowledge of color relationships or just click here). After deciding on a color palette, choose flowers in accordance with it, because all the different colors of your flowers work together to create harmony or disharmony. The arrangement should have a sense of balance, both by structure and color.
Be careful to don’t mix flowers that are obviously of different textures, the ones that secrete some kind of liquid that you can see (a toxin), they’re better left in a separate vase, you could say they’re a bit territorial.
Don’t place fruits near your vase, because the gases they release are toxic to flowers and they’ll die quickly.
To make the most of your vase filled with flowers has a lot to do with the placement. It should suit it’s surroundings, and one golden rule applies, they don’t call them centerpieces for nothing: give them value! You can do this by the placement choice and be careful to be able to see each flower you have in your vase.
It’s really easy. All you need to do is: if you put them in front of a window, wall, etc. be sure to cut the stems to different (not extremely) sizes; on a table in the center of the room it doesn’t matter too much but it’s very useful there too, because like that you will be able to see each and every flower, from every angle. Try to arrange the flowers in your hand first to see the effect and place them into the vase afterwards. Insert the line flowers first, then the focal flowers and when you’re done place the fillers to balance it off.


Something like the photo states. I’m sure you’ll do a great job, even a few flowers can be amazing if you put your heart in arranging them (notice how from this angle too you are able to see every flower?).
Most of the things listed, are all depending on the decorations and style of your house, your taste, etc. this doesn’t apply to everyone, just some tips in general, only you know what flowers you have and maybe that neighbor who thinks the grass is greener and flowers are brighter on the other side of the fence :P

These are the most “in general” sort of things I can say right now. I’m much better at showing than describing, especially in English (though I’d love to speak English while making a bouquet, etc.), I just know what to do and how it’s going to be beautiful, it’s also hard to put into words, since it’s something that takes practice. So if my tips weren’t clear enough and if anyone has questions, feel free to ask, I’ll most gladly answer, just check back later/next day if we’re in different time zones ;)


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