Recipes anyone? :)

I looove cooking, baking, spending all that time in the kitchen and everything!
I enjoy it, even though my
Sweetheart for example, has a hole list of things he doesn’t like. I know his likes and dislikes, or if I’m not sure, I’d ask him of course.
Yet, he always double checks the ingredients when I’m trying out some new recipe and annoys me by stating that he won’t eat it unless it doesn’t contain X ingredient(s).
Honestly… like I’d show someone the recipe if I was trying to poison him… or better yet, as if the poison was listed among the ingredients ;)
(Sorry, couldn’t help myself… Love you Sweetheart!!!)

But back to my original thought, by loving to cook, naturally I’m drawn to the sites that provide me with good recipes, even bookmarked and subscribed to a few, added some to the sidebar on the right, under the Recipes category.

And today, since I’m very nice and like to share (not real books though), here’s my newest discovery: downloadable cookbooks here (added it to the sidebar too for easy access from now on). I have no idea who uploaded the cookbooks over there for me to stumble upon, but a big “Thank you!” to them!

Notice: Make sure you’ve assimilated all proper book handling skills. Wash your hands before reading! Don’t mark, fold, crease or use sticky notes or paper clips to mark pages ;) (if not for other reasons, only because that will be really weird looking on your monitor :P)

PS: Baking Apple Pie with Trang tomorrow :D I can’t wait, so excited!!!

Later update: You can also find my post about “Recipes cookbooks” right here on


14 Comments to “Recipes anyone? :)”

  1. have i mentioned that i’m SO incredibly excited?!! :)

  2. great collection, it’s nice of you to share you findings!

    • I was just in that right mood to search and found them, and like I’ve said, I like to share :) I’m glad you like them!

  3. very good list of cookbooks, just surfing through it. i’m a guy but still love to cook. hope that gets me points from the ladies :P

    • :) I’m sure it gets you points, I know I give out extra points for having kitchen skills, helping around the house, etc.
      It’s impressing and certainly very nice when a guy knows how to/offers his help.

  4. Such a great idea! I was just looking for some casserole recipes for the family reunion this weekend. You certainly made my search easy. Thank you!!!

    PS: are you a mind reader? :P

    • To start with the basics: I’m not a mind reader, but I’m a good judge of character. It compensates for the lack of mind reading :P
      And you’re very welcome! I was very happy to find them (no need for internet connection when I need a recipe, and they’re printable too) I’m happy to be of help, even by chance ;)

  5. Just saw you tweet these and had to take a look! You’re funny, very good post, love it haha. Washed my hands and now I’m starting to download some cookbooks ;)

    • :) How could you not see me tweet it a couple days ago? :P It’s okay though, it won’t run off.
      But thanks, I really had fun writing this post (as many other too of course). Oh, and good to see people taking my tips on proper book reading. Enjoy cooking/baking!

  6. wow, I love it…
    nice of you to share it:):*

    • Yeah, aren’t I just the nicest person you’ve met? :P
      Okay, just kidding.
      When you want to try the recipes out, be sure to search for conversions from cups to grams. Cause the measurements are a bit off if you’d make them by our cup standards ;)
      (I’m speaking from experience) ;)

  7. Neato! Here’s a weird confession (of course, you know me, what other kind do I have). I don’t like to cook because it completely stresses me out, but I love cookbooks. I love recipes. I think they’re like spells. Put all the ingredients together and magic happens.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe sites! =-)

    • You made me laugh! Interesting way of looking at it, it does resemble a tiny magic spell. Do you also want a kitchen like Molly Weasley’s where everything washes/peels itself, etc.? I know I do…
      (I’ll just run back to your post on things I’d like to be invented in my lifetime and type it there too :P)
      And you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the site.

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